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((Jonathan Gulley continued from Let it Happen ))

Jonathan hobbled along just outside the shore, creeping along in the tree lines.

As he moved closer to the shore, he saw silhouettes in the distance. He moved closer and realized he recognized them.

He recognized HIM.

He didn't step any closer, not yet.

He could shoot Brendan from here, maybe. If he had a rifle it would probably be easier. He wasn't too sure if he could do it with the revolver or not.

He contemplated just walking down there and doing it point blank, and letting whatever happens next happen.

He contemplated just opening fire on them right then and there, not caring who he hit or missed.

He contemplated shooting at Brendan, then leaving. If it didn't work that time, he could try again later.

He contemplated just blowing his own brains out onto Brendan just so he knew how he really felt.

Jonathan Gulley stared out at the group from the trees. That's all he did.

He stood, and he stared.
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