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Yeah she'd probably reached a bit with that one?

The faux pas was lost to time.

Marie on the other hand stayed rooted in time and space. To an extent. She seemed tense, she was eating more of her own words than normal. Lana took note of those facts, but they somehow seemed distant within her own head. She hadn't even realized it but at some point in the last four weeks she'd slowly drifted away from herself, becoming an observer to her own body.

Even time wasn't so distinct in it's slippery, sinewy passage. It was Monday... something. June... something.


"Sounds shitty, sorry Marie. Yeah, you should go sit. I got this." Who was that girl saying those things coming out of her mouth?

Eh. Lana only had half a brain for the pretentiously worded. Ben had probably stolen the other half from her just before she'd been born. Lana watched Marie bumble and stumble and crumble away, Lana's pitying frown on her friend's behalf was lost, dead on arrival to the heavy and sagging inertia of her own lips. The order however, was not lost. Lana relayed it to Mr. Gasset, and he smiled that eerily heavy smile at her once more, all while she ordered and stood stock still and received her order and returned to sitting by Marie's side, or somewhere close enough to Marie's side that they could probably look each other in the eye without complications.

"So, uh..."

Lana's eyes were hollow as she stared, she seemed to look without actually seeing. Green with black freckles in a cup was gently placed before Marie. And the moment passed, and another few silent ones for good measure.

"What have you been up to lately? It's been a while since we've spoken I guess. I should've called but I...

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