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Ben very much tried to ignore the scene happening near to him. But it was difficult; the black-haired girl was bawling her eyes out while the blue-haired girl comforted her and Johnny climbed in through the window. Part of him wanted to go over and tell her it would be alright, that she should cry until she felt better. But he couldn't: she wasn't Minnie, for one, and the reason she was crying wasn't because of a scraped knee or a mean word from a girl in school. She was crying because someone she was close to had been murdered.

Ben didn't know what he could do about that.

Probably nothing.

And we need to start collecting the things we need. Even if it disturbs them.

Ben grimaced at that, but knew it was true. And perhaps his efforts would help them, even if he couldn't tell them about it. He stood up, and went over to one of the chairs that had survived the fire. He picked it up as best he could, straining a bit, and carried it to the entrance of the library. There he raised it up and smashed the legs onto the ground. CRACK! He winced at the sound, then muttered "Sorry" over his shoulder. Then he raised the chair up again.
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