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For a moment, he thought that he’d had her.

For a moment, Jeremy thought he’d figured out his way out of this room.

He’d figured - right then - that she wouldn’t do it. That with the opportunity she had of killing him she’d flake at the last moment. Prove that she was better by not shooting him when he was acting like he wanted her to. Maybe even try to do some of that cassowary shit she seemed to like doing a lot. She’d leave the suicidal guy be. Wouldn’t take his bait. Would let him wallow in his own self pity or failure or whatever. His first sentence was a part of that. He wanted to piss her off. Make her angry. Say something so stupid it looked like he wanted her to kill him. Make it look like he was baiting her. Have her take the bait. Have her think she’s better, not stoop so low as to take him out, then he’d be free to leave. Simple as that.

That was the plan. That was his ticket out of this room.

And maybe he knew that she was right.

And maybe he knew that he wasn’t the one in the right, back then.

It didn’t matter though. Not right now.

Because right now, he was seeing that clear path from A to B, and he couldn’t let anything get in his way.


He’d thought he’d seen it, anyway.

There was a brief moment of recognition as she’d opened her eyes.

One brief moment where Jeremy knew that he’d failed.

He’d smiled. Attempted to laugh.

“You little bi-”

There was an explosion and a smash as the bullet went through his chest, hitting and shattering the window behind it.

There was a brief moment of realisation, as Caedyn turned away from him.

And then there was no response, as the body hit the floor.
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