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They were playing a question game, weren’t they?

This wasn’t really how Jeremy was expecting this to go and this wasn’t really how Jeremy wanted this to go but if that was how this was going then he could play ball. Admittedly, the question got him a little bit. There were two seconds or so spent desperately trying to think of an answer that he initially thought he didn’t have. That didn’t last for long, though. He got his answer fairly quickly. He got himself past the point she was trying to make in less than five seconds. If he’d counted before, that might have been a record. If he cared at all, it might have been a point actually worth saying.

He didn’t, though. He had his answer, and that was all he needed.

“Puzzles. You’re into puzzles. Have been since pre k. Next.”

She could try him all she wanted, but she wasn’t going to get him. Not here. Not now.
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