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She almost shot him right there. Not for any strategic or defensive reason. Just satisfying her anger. He was so wound up on "closure" and yet either he didn't remember or never even knew why they were such a mess in the first place.

" 'kay. Happy to. Let's start with this: we dated for what, two months? Tell me one thing about myself that the entire school doesn't know. Just one."

It was written all over the way he was approaching it. 'That thing.' 'The relationship.' 'Getting closure.' It was all so vague and clinical. Like he didn't want to own up to anything. It wasn't his, it wasn't hers, and it certainly wasn't theirs. It just was. And from the way he acted when they were together, sure, that seemed like a pretty accurate way to describe it. That was the problem.

There was a part of Caedyn that could be reasonable. She hadn't been angry with Jeremy about their past in a long, long time 'cuz she figured all the messiness was just them being stupid middle schoolers who didn't know how to deal. It only seemed logical to think he'd finally grown the hell up and cringed looking back on himself. But he didn't. Whatever closure he was seeking seemed to sit squarely on her being the one in the wrong.

Asshole. She should have shot him before he opened his mouth. That wasn't going to stop her from seeing this through.
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