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She didn’t know what he was talking about?

This was…

This was awkward.

He didn’t think he needed to explain why. He was pretty sure the situation explained itself pretty well. Caedyn had a gun on him. Caedyn - the creeping, lurking terror who made his social life a living hell the moment she emerged - was the person who held all the power over whether he lived another fleeting moment of ten minutes or so or whether he died right here. You could see what the issue was with that pretty quickly, Jeremy imagined. It was a situation which he didn’t have a lot of control over. He wanted to live. He wanted to get out of this room. He knew that, but he couldn’t act upon it. Caedyn was the one with the gun. His was on the desk besides him. He’d have to move to get it. That meant he couldn’t do anything like what he’d done with Ben.

So that meant he had to just go along with Caedyn’s demands, and hope that that produced a way out for him.

There was a thing he was talking about. She didn’t know what the thing was.

As thus: he had to explain what the thing was.

“Y’know, the thing. Back in… middle school. The… relationship. I wanted to talk about that.”

He couldn’t even say that he could look down through the barrel, or anything like that. It was pointed at his chest; he was trying to look at her eyes. The very thing that could end his life was something that he could barely even see.

He didn’t know if that was supposed to be something relieving or something that made this that, that much worse.

“Like, couple’s counselling, or something like that. Figure out what went wrong. Get closure, or something like that.”
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