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((Candice Banks continued from Welcome to the Madhouse))

Candice had been traversing the island without any particular destination in mind when she had heard a girl's voice call out. It had sounded as though it were coming from somewhere near the shore.

Cautiously, she moved in the direction the voice had come from, looking for the girl who had been making noise. She found two guys instead. Rather, she thought that they were probably guys. Due to the direction she had made her approach from, Candice was looking into the morning sun, making it difficult to tell who it was standing there. They both looked to be rather tall, though.

Was I mistaken where the voice was from? Or is there somebody else with them that I can't see?

Making sure to keep a bit of distance between her and the other two, Candice moved to see if she could get a better look at them from further to the south.
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