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"Oh, sure, no worries, yeah," Marie said, stumbling over her own words. She leaned in closer to Lana, cherishing each moment of the hug. She needed it, after all the stressing she'd been doing. The joke about 9/11 was a little on the nose, sure, but by this point Marie was used to Lana's references and rambles and rants. She'd even ask questions, when she understood well enough to be able to keep up.

"Can I just give you my money, tell you what I want, and find a place for us to sit?" she asked, leaning out of the hug, "I think this dizzy spell's lasting a bit long, I need to get off my feet."

Was it the heat? Quite possibly, but Marie had been inside for a good deal of time by now. Maybe there was a storm on the horizon, something that would cause the air pressure to change. When those happened, and especially when they happened badly, she'd get nosebleeds. Real bad ones, too. Blood all over her ice cream was not a topping she was in the mood for today, or ever.

Another wave of static came over her, and she gently pulled away from Lana. She pulled three dollars out of her wallet and handed them to her before she started to stumble away. Move naturally. Don't fall. Do not, under any circumstances, fall. Floor looks dirty, no sir.

"Min' choco-chip, yeah," said Marie, as she made her way over to the nearest table in as straight a line as she could manage, her head held high so that she could see above the lines and waves in front of her.
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