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Jerry - fucking asshole that he was - now seemed set on starting a fight. One that was potentially deadly. Alright, dickhead, Matt thought, I'll play by your hey is that a car?

That is a car. A car. On the island. Where and how and why and OH FUCK

Purely on instinct, Matt dove out of the way. Given his close proximity to Jerry, this probably might have saved his life. Letting out a short screech, Jerry flew through the air in a manner far from graceful, eventually landing somewhere nearby. Sputtering swear words and speaking in a language men only speak when intensely confused, angry, surprised, or all three, Matt got up, waving his gun around.

"FUCK!" he shouted, momentarily set on avenging his now dead friend/mortal enemy, Jerry fuckin' Fury.

He looked around. Yes, that WAS a car. SOMEHOW. He didn't fucking get it. How the hell did they get a car? Did they build it? Did Danya, dickhead that he was, airdrop it to them? This raised SO MANY QUESTIONS. How did they airdrop a fucking jeep without anyone noticing? Did he airdrop individual parts? When did he put the fucking jeep here?

Slowly, he lowered his gun, eyeing the corpse of Jerry fuckin' Fury. Jerry fuckin' Fury, murderer, dickhead, all around piece of shit.. was dead. And it made Matt feel horrible and then relieved. One less person to kill. He glanced up at the driver of the jeep, raising his hands in a gesture of 'don't kill me.' Then he spoke up.

"Hey, uh.." He had only one question on his mind. "Where'd you get that jeep?"
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