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"Hello? Anybody in here?"

[Lili Williams continued from Ready For The House.]

The walk over had been, as the walks over had usually been, uneventful. The hallways creaked, as they usually did, and overall Lili couldn't help but feel somewhat annoyed at the sound it made. She knew how ridiculous it was to feel annoyance, of all things, in a building where many people had died, her friends included, and all she could feel was annoyance, annoyance at the carpet bunching up under her feet, annoyance at the tightness of her shoes on those same feet, and annoyance at herself for having that same feeling of annoyance. It was even an annoying word to think, let alone say. The sound of it echoed through her skull, thrown from chorus to chorus of imaginary thought voices, as if they were playing monkey in the middle and using silence as the ball.

She pushed open the door to the cafeteria. The room was in some state of disarray, but fortunately there were no corpses to be found. Lili breathed a sigh of relief. In addition, the place looked decidedly lived in. Smelled like it too.

Lili walked over to the nearest upright table and put her stuff down. She'd started to catch Kizzy's exhaustion. Like a contact low, if such a thing were possible. Her first inclination was that it wasn't, and she was just getting tired.

Her second thought was that she actually was catching it. It had been a long day, after all. Weakens the immune system.

Annoyances. Annoyances. Annoyances.

Sitting down on the table next to her gear, Lili watched the door with eyes peeled for the first sight of danger. If, for some reason, the tower didn't work out, maybe the group could use this place as their safe space. Only one entrance, and it wasn't all that far from the door to the building either. If the layout of the room was any indication, someone had already tried boarding themselves up in here. They didn't die of boredom, or, if they did, they had the courtesy to do it somewhere else.

"Poster time?" she asked, glancing over at Kizzy.
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