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Mr. Danya
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“Yes, it is.”

No room for negotiation, no need for hesitation, this was as cut and dry as things came. Throw the gun away, stop being a murderer, be better for it. Saying otherwise was just making excuses.

“You could say to me,” choice of words “’oh, I’ve started doing this now, I better finish it’, but that’s just going back to commitment again. And, honestly, I don’t think you actually want to kill everyone. I haven’t been shot yet, for starters. Again, thanks for that.”

She was offering Kimiko a smile now, a little bit of a sympathy if not quite understanding of her situation. There was still that hint of impatience about Kimiko’s whole dilemma, but that couldn’t be helped.

“Only person who’s going to tell you you have to keep doing this is you, y’know? Anyone tries to tell you otherwise, you tell ‘em to fuck right off. Hell, you don’t even need to spell it out. Just give ‘em the old one finger salute.”

“What do you think? Sound good?”
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