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Jae, whether he was there or not, didn’t listen to her. Of course he didn’t. She wouldn’t have if she’d been him.

Em was still helping her. Telling her they were going to make it. Emma couldn’t really be that stupid. Lily tried to tell her. Tried to tell her the thoughts, about how useless this was, how useless Lily was, how useless she’d continue to be.

It didn’t work. All that came out was a strangled, distressed noise. Speech was gone. A quality she’d used too little off-island, and perhaps too often on it.

But what did speech matter? What could she have used it for? Apologizing? Pleading for Emma to understand why she let Tina die, why she tried to slash Lizzie’s throat? No. What did forgiveness matter now, even if she deserved it? No, she just wanted a quick end. Before she lost all dignity.

No-one was listening to her. No-one would listen to a speck.

Emma, she was ignoring—either willfully or simply through ignorance—that Lily didn’t want to make it anymore. And Jae was like her. Jae was a coward. The only person who could put Lily out of her misery was herself, and those facilities had been removed.

Lily did try. In between the rise of wheezy, panicked breaths she started gnawing on the inside of her cheek, biting down on her tongue. Trying to flood her mouth with enough blood to choke on. It didn’t work. All she ended up with was blood leaking out of her mouth and mixing with the tears and snot still puddling under her face.

Lily eventually did die, her facilities dropping off one by one. But it took a long time. By the time it was over, by the time her thoughts blissfully faded and her heart slowed to a stop, there was no shred of dignity left.

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