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Hazel let go and drew back to see Nate burst into tears. Her eyebrows came together and she frowned with her mouth open slightly. She looked down at their feet and her mouth set into a hard line.

Her heart sank because she knew how he felt and it was easy to see why he was crying and freaking out. She and Jordan were basically being held together with duct tape, used chewing gum and birthday wishes. In other words, not particularly internally structurally sound. Her eyes started to well up a little as Nate's reaction brought the full weight of the situation crashing back down on them again.

Jordan had come up and was trying to awkwardly comfort Nate. His abject terribleness at dealing with upset people almost made her laugh a little and brought her back from the brink. Hazel clasped Nate's hands and bumped her head lightly against his. She closed her eyes and the slight tears that had started collected rolled down the side of her face.

"Hey," she said softly. "You're with friends. We're not doing much, but we're doing our best."
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