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The reactions to Johnny's sudden arrival had certainly been varied. Penelope met him with apathy, and the only thing she would spare him were tears. Evidently, no tears spilled for him. Ben showed an even greater apathy and simply left Johnny to be. Went somewhere around the corner. Johnny could care less.

At least Raina was happy to see him.

That had to count for something.

Johnny took hold of the window's edge, and pulled himself up. The library was even worse to look at now that he saw it from the inside.

"Um... well, I was looking for you?"

He halted, got stuck a bit while trying to squeeze through the frame. Dust settled on his face and on his clothes on his everywhere, and the pain in his left hand flared up. This time, he managed to ignore it. This time, he felt he could do it.

Johnny arrived in the library on his feet. He dusted himself off, and sighed in relief.

"Guess I can- uh, guess I can mark this off my list then."
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