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Penelope covered her face as she sobbed, temporarily shutting out the world around her.

The Johnny that Raina had been looking for had finally shown himself, but Penelope found it difficult to care. Everything seemed to be falling apart around her; her classmates were committing murder, her friends were dying left and right, and her plan was showing itself more and more to be nothing but a pipe dream.

She dropped to her knees, a cloud of ash being stirred into the air around her. Her hands timidly came off of her face as her sobbing quieted down.

Her voice escaped her lips once again, as her thoughts drifted back to Sam.

"That guy... that guy who killed Sam. He..." Her hands trembled, her voice tinged scarlet. "He... that bastard... he killed him..." She balled her hands into fists. "He killed him and why did he even do it? Why would anyone want to kill someone as sweet as Sam? Why... why..."

She put her hands on the sides of her head, her breathing fast and heavy. "He's... he's probably some sort of... sick fuck that got off on killing Sam. There's... nothing else would make sense. Sam wouldn't have hurt him, Sam wouldn't have been a threat..."

"If I ran into that scumfuck degenerate I'd... I'd..."

Her hands quit trembling, and her breathing slowed down. "I'd..."

She sighed, her eyes downcast, her hands lowered. "I... I don't... I don't know what I'd do."
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