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Brendan didn't think that Maxim would change the subject to about something else. He had wanted Maxim's opinion but maybe Maxim didn't really want to talk about it. Still, he wanted to know about Jeremiah and Bernadette. Brendan knew that he would have to tell him more about what happened with them. He still couldn't face Maxim so he continued to look at the view in front of him.

He let out a small sigh and he rubbed a hand over his chin. He really wished that he could evade talking about Bernadette and Jeremiah. But he had no choice. "You really want to know about what happened with the both of them?" He asked quietly and then he gave a nod of his head. "O-Okay. Well, what happened with Jeremiah was that he and Michael were-"

He froze. What was that sound just now? Someone called out his name and the voice had sounded very familiar.

That was Dorothy. That was HER voice!

Brendan looked around, trying to see if he could see her anywhere. He had wanted to see her as well. He wanted to ask about Isabel and she being a part of killing her. He also wanted to know if she was okay. He had to be there for her now. He couldn't leave her again.

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