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Lana paced a full PE class mile in maybe fifteen seconds of restlessness. She glanced here, there; here was her phone's green plastic blob shell and there was the cashier on duty. A face Lana had known since she'd been ten, Mr. Gasset was kindly widower wrinkles and smiles. Mom had invited him to the house for dinner twice before. He was looking at her like the abyss liked to stare back. Lana felt that smile of his was heavy somehow, overburdened despite the lively energy he kept on tap to put his daughter through college with... three jobs, it was three jobs total.

She felt like she needed to say something, greet him somehow, but the words weren't coming to mind. Their eyes just remained ships passing in the night until there was someone else murmuring Lana's way.

Lana turned, right into Marie's face almost. They had stolen chunks of each other's personal space but the energy to step back wasn't forthcoming for Lana.

"Yeah, I believe you." Lana's voice was simple, less syllables than she needed in a mute monotone. She forced a bit more color into the next few words. "Even when school's already over you find a way to disrupt schedules with bathroom breaks, huh."

Marie jaggedly swerved, her eyes temporarily seemed AWOL. Lana was aware of Marie's vertigo-like tendencies, of course... she wasn't so aware it was contagious. Lana herself felt woozy, like she could have hurled chunks worth of her she hadn't even been in the mood to eat the last day, there was jackshit in that stomach of hers. But the moment passed, both girls recovered and then Lana was gently hugging Marie a bit closer with one arm around her shoulder.

"Fine. Just fine, you know. The usual, right?" Lana glanced around both ways like she was streetside, looking at nothing in particular despite having an objective in mind. "Order? Sorry if I'm a bit moist. It's hotter out here than jet fuel on steel beams."
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