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((Dot continued her dream journey here.))

Sleeping on the island was an issue. It was a necessary need but it was so hard to get the required amount every night due to the setting. She would kill for a bed and a place where it is safe. Just somewhere where she could close her eyes and not jump at every noise coming from the darkness.

Yesterday was the hardest. Sleeping alone, curled up in a corner with her taser and knife in her hands was not good. She woke up several time when she felt the tip of her blade penetrating her thigh. She wondered if her vaccine against tetanus was still active.

Seven days on the island and the lack-of sleep was getting to her brain. It felt a hazy fog in her vision, forcing her to close her eyes to regain composure. She jabbed herself on her arm to stay awake.

Her eyes wouldn't open so she sent her fist flying once again on her left hand. She kept muttering to herself to wake up, to stay awake, to get moving, to stop crouching.

She pressed her blade against her left hand and threaten herself.

"Get going or I'll cut this finger off."

Her body didn't move.


Dot pressed a little harder, pushing the teeth of her blade against her skin.


Her body was frozen.


Her body was thawing. Like a bug awakening in Spring, it started to scramble and to shake to remove the frost out of its body.


She walked around. Not going anywhere. She had no aim until she would hear the announcement. There was no point into finding a place to rest only for it to become a forbidden zone by the cruel terrorists.

She heard voice and she immediately crouched. One of the person speaking was unknown, the other was someone familiar.


She slammed her hands against her mouth. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.
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