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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"... What the fuck is that noise?"

Jerry's threatening efforts towards Matt were interrupted by the roar of an approaching engine. ... The roar of an approaching engine?


Jerry damn near felt his eyelids turning themselves inside out from them widening in confusion, shock, surprise, and any other adjective you might have been able to stuff in there for, when he turned, he saw a fully operational vehicle speeding his way. The scenario presented before him was one that raised many, many questions and hurled an entire table of information at the wall, none of which stuck with his brain in the mere fractions of a second he had to try and react to and process what he was seeing. If he was able to fully verbalize the thought processes that scrambled around in his skull at that moment, it might have come out something like...

"What in the world? Where the hell did they find a vehicle like that on a dilapidated island like this? I was so close to breaking down Matt! I had this in the bag, damn it! I had this in the bag! Who's even in that thing and, most importantly, where. The hell. Did they find a goddamn JEEP!?

Of course, Jerry Fury didn't actually get the chance to say all that. Instead, it came out more like


And then Jerry Fury died of A.I.D.S. (Automotive Impact-Derived Stress).

B019 - Fury, Jeremiah "Jerry": DELETED

Jerry had helpfully given himself some lift by jumping straight up purely on instinct, causing much of the Jeep's initial impact to strike him in the waist and legs. He flipped over, his back slamming into the windshield and launching up, over the topside of the vehicle while tumbling through the air. He was dead before he hit the ground.

His dayback had been burst wide open, dispersing the contents in a wide spread around the area. A metal tin clattered to the ground while a few empty cellophane wrappers fluttered on the wind. The switchblade had gone off flying somewhere, the blade cleanly snapped off and stuck somewhere in the vehicle's grill while the metal pipe he had managed to lift off of Alan spun several meters away - bent, but still usable.

That left the corpse of Jerry himself; his legs were turned in impossible directions, his head attached only in the loosest sense of the word. The skin held it on just fine, but the spinal column and nearly all of the supporting muscles had been torn and severed. The resulting bruising was mercilessly covered by the collar around this throat, at least for the time being, eyes open and seeing nothing.

If Jerry were alive and able to comment on such a scene, he probably would have said something insensitive like:

'Now that's what I call a shocking swerve!'
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