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((Serena Waters continued from Electric Dreams))

They had been on the lookout since the last day as per their agreement. A few cases of seeing people and trying to be as incospicious as you could be in a huge jeep on a tiny island, but nothing that required their involvement. As they took a break to nap and plan things out when the announcements came on to blare out more Deaths. The list she had made in her mind were crossing out names as she were listening, Alex Tarquin, Will McKinley, Kaitlyn Green and finally, after days of acting like a borderline monster, Isabel Ramirez. The ones who did that deserve a reward, Mel was right on one thing, if they did what Isabel did they would get hunted down and slaugthered. A morbid thought and one she would have been disgusted at days ago, but that's back when she hadn't seen it up close, what these people have done.

Still left a few on it, Caedyn Miller, Kimiko Kao, Alessio Rigano, and speaking of the devil, Jerry Fury. It wasn't much of a suprise to find that Jerry had gone and killed, he already had several screws loose back home, but here? She'd already seen what this place has done to people who were arguably better set than him, didn't need much convincing of him having gone mad.

They had noticed his little group moving about and had silently followed them for a while. Two people were dead because of him, Toby and Travis, Serena didn't know the two that well, but she knew enough to know both were good people, and that was enough for her to make sure if he tried anything, he would pay for it.

It didn't take long, a brief foray into the gym and back he was suddenly threatening the people he was travelling with. She recognised Bart Cappotelli, a nice guy who was harmless back home, the fact he was with Fury made her wonder about that. The other one she didn't recognise as well. Matt something or other, she knew he was kind of abbrasive and a dick, but not to the level of Fury. They were arguing between each other when the weapons came out, almost like a dick measuring contest, except at the end people die.

She could see the methaporicall fuse being lit, Fury has already killed twice and looked like he was set on doing it again. If not to Bart, then definitely to Matt. A weird look on him as he pointed whatever he had at Matt, almost like a dare. It felt like a sudden flash in her mind to a few days ago as they stood there and watched Alvaro end Irene's life without warning.

Not again.

Before her partners could react, Serena stepped on the pedal and made a beeline straight for Fury. Gaining speed as the engine roared before a large thump could be heard.
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