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This wasn’t ideal.

The pistol was in front of him point blank. The gun was pointed at his chest. One shot and it’d be over. Just a simple movement on Caedyn’s part would mean that he wouldn’t be leaving this room alive. That wasn’t good. That wasn’t good at all. There were so many things he still had to do and if he died here then he wouldn’t be able to do them and no no no he couldn’t die here he had to do something he had to save himself. Focus. Think. He was here. He was on a table, and there was a gun on him. Did she win her gun? He vaguely remembered hearing that she’d won the competition the day before he won it. That meant she’d killed. That meant she’d probably be okay with doing it again. That meant she wasn’t going to flake. That meant  he wasn’t going to get out that way.

Which left going with the demands she’d asked of him.

Talk fast.

Don’t lie.

Take a breath.

Close your eyes.


“I’ve been following a list. Things to do and people to meet before it all ends for me since I figured that I probably won’t be surviving this. The people on the list are as follows: Emma Luz, Serena Waters, Alessio Rigano, Clarice Halwood, Joshua Bracewell, Jasmine Reed, and you. Jasmine was on there because she killed Josh. I wanna ask her why it happened. Figure out what happened from there. You’re on there for closure reasons. I wanted to talk to you about the… thing, that happened. Wasn’t really something I wanted to get up to do but if you appeared there wasn’t really a reason not to.”

A pause. Another breath taken.

“You happy with that?”
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