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Kimiko exhaled and thought about what she was doing. Her anger was still there, urging her to act, to lash out against Vanessa but she kept it at bay, boiling below the surface. It was prevented from boiling over due to the fact that Vanessa was right. Kimiko had a choice and she had already made it, she knew she would need to kill again. She wasn't sure if Vanessa had truly been put in a life and death situation. it was clear that she had certainly never been near someone like Isabel or Nancy.

If she had been Kimiko wasn't sure if her attitude and feelings towards the choices, they had to make would be the same. Maybe they would have been even then, if she would have could keep her viewpoint even after an experience like that she would have been a better person than Kimiko could hope to be, she just wished she could have been brave enough to keep viewing the world that way. Vanessa even seemed to think that there was still something salvageable within Kimiko herself.

She wasn't so sure she agreed with the sentiment. She was adrift from the rest of her classmates, unable to re-join them or take back what she had done no matter how much she may have wanted to change things. Her devising of the plan and commitment to enacting it had also served to drive a self-made wedge between her and the others. A recognition of what her plan entailed, simple, selfish acts. Whether they would be judged as evil by those who would observe what she was doing after the fact didn't matter to Kimiko as much as she considered them evil. She wasn't doing it for herself though, she was carrying more on her shoulders than her other classmates could have known.

It was why she agreed with Vanessa's sentiment but couldn't fully commit to it. She knew that her own actions had driven her into the corner she was now trapped. As much as she wanted to be more than a murderer, deep down Kimiko agreed with it. Her one arguable good act on the island was primarily motivated by convenience rather than any desire to help others and it did nothing to balance out the others.

Her body may have left the asylums basement but Kimiko wasn't sure her spirit had.

She steadied her breathing and raised her hands again to respond.

"It's not that simple."
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