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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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He was looking for them. Caedyn didn't think for a second it was because he was worried about either of them. Nah, Jerebear didn't have any nice reason to care about what happened to them. There was only one reason you looked for some like her, like Jazzy, in a place like this.

"I guess you found me," she said absently with a look towards the ceiling. Before her eyes met his again her gun was up and aimed at his chest. "So why're you looking?"

Her finger was wrapped around the trigger. Fucking asshole. Did he think he was smarter than her? Like she wouldn't get what he was up to? If he'd got the drop on her instead of the other way around they probably wouldn't even be talking. Was he friends with Bridgette? Or Josh? Had someone been telling stories about her and Oskar? There were all sorts of possibilities, but none of them really mattered. Her mocking smirk had turned cold and hateful. Jeremy wasn't a plaything anymore. He was a threat.

"Talk. Fast. And don't lie."
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