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Sandra listened. She didn't want to, but she did.

The first name that Sandra reacted to was... well... Alba. Alba had killed Kaitlyn Greene, but... Sandra would have to know why. Surprisingly, Sandra felt that it was justified... somewhere in her mind. After all, Kaitlyn... Kaitlyn killed Mia. This was...

And then the second name that came that punched her in the gut. Noah was dead. Noah was dead at the hands of Isabel.

And Isabel was dead too. Great. Now she didn't even have anyone to take it out on.

Obviously, Rene was dead. Sandra could see the corpse right in front of her to prove it. What shocked her was how she died.


They must have been together for a lot longer. Why would Blair just suddenly kill her?


And then the announcements ended and Sandra wondered if it really mattered. Any of it.

Sure, people had their own reasons for killing. The announcements weren't exactly the best source of information. Any one of those kills could have been self-defense. But it didn't really matter, did it?

Only one of them could go home. And all it was... was bringing you closer to the objective.

Sandra wanted to go home.

So did everyone else, she was sure. People like Alba or Blair had already gotten their one. What did it matter why?

They had it, and she didn't.

And she only needed one.

"I don't... we should..." Sandra said, looking back to Rene's body.

We should bury her, Sandra wanted to say. But Sandra didn't want to touch a corpse.

But... it just didn't feel right to leave her out here.
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