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The girl with the black hair looked him over, then told him to do what he wanted. The other girl hadn't protested. Ben would have felt better about it, though, if the first girl hadn't then started rambling to herself, obviously sad about something. That just made him feel like he was intruding. He pulled away from the window gingerly.

Then a guy approached from behind and greeted them. Ben's stomach lurched, and he froze in shock as the guy slowly approached the window. He only managed to twist his head around to look at the guy when he was almost beside him. Strangely, his inner voice supported his not socking the guy with his boot - something about "too many people around". The guy gave him a curt nod, as if he hadn't just snuck up on him and almost scared him to death. Ben watched wordlessly as the guy greeted the girls through the same hole in the window as he had just done. The other girl - the girl with the blue hair - greeted him back and called him "Johnny"; it was clear they knew each other and had been looking for one-another. Meanwhile, the black-haired girl had started crying.

It all felt very familiar - just like in Cochise, people would talk, relate, laugh, cry, and he would just stand on the sidelines, wondering if it would be rude to just go, or do whatever he needed to do at the moment.

He made the same decision he usually did.

He left Johnny talking to the blue-haired girl and walked around the library to the entrance. Inside, he saw more clearly just how excessive the destruction had been. Rubble was all around, and ash coated every surface left. But on the ash, difficult to see at a distance, but clearer when he crouched down, was what he'd been looking for: a yellowish powder.

Powder from a fire extinguisher. He remembered quite clearly the broadcast two days ago: "We will be resolving the situation shortly. Interfering would be ill advised." That hadn't been a trick, or lie. No, unless they had somehow managed to get onto the island without using a noisy boat or a helicopter in the middle of the day, there was only one possibility - there were terrorists on the island.

Ben stayed crouched for some time while he thought this through. What it meant.

It meant he needed to get prepared.

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