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This was comical. Here Jerry was, trying to tell Matt - more himself, really - that he wasn't the dumb muscle. Jerry approached in an exaggerated, weird way. Repeating no and smiling. Matt, frankly, had no idea what to say to any of this. He was almost expecting Jerry to just agree with him that he didn't do most of the thinking.. though Matt frankly didn't do much deep thinking. He kept telling himself that it wasn't the time for that. Was there ever going to be a time, he couldn't say.

There was a time to convince Jerry to kill himself, or something like that. Or at least back off. Jabbing him, loudly declaring that his gun wasn't loaded.. hey, it wasn't loaded, but he could still hit people with it. Slowly - making a goofy face at Jerry - Matt pulled out his gun and held it in what he assume was the NATO standard pistol whipping grip.

"O-kaaaay, Jerry," he said. "Let's say I do try and kill you! Not saying I won't - I mean, will - when would I do it and with what?" Without waiting for Jerry to respond, Matt gave his best impression of a game show buzzer and then Steve Harvey. "EHH. Survey says I'd let someone else do it, Jerry. Get real!"

For a second, Matt's survival instincts kicked in. Maybe he shouldn't be talking shit to someone who could likely stab him, beat him, etcetera. Maybe he should try and deescalate things before Jerry fuckin' Fury decided to give a knife in the ribs as a retort to whatever ingenious insult he'd cooked up.

Or maybe he'd prove to Jerry that he was the brains behind this operation.

Whichever one came first.
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