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The question happened so suddenly that Maxim had no time to think of a response. Or more accurately, Maxim had no time to think of a convincing lie.

He could have just told Brendan what he really thought. That at some point, one or both of them was going to be dead. But even Maxim could tell there was an unhealthy amount of fear in Brendan's voice, and as much as Maxim wanted to live at this point he didn't want to be responsible for Brendan's emotional upheaval. He didn't know at this point who it was for - Brendan, or himself?

The other option was a lie, but Maxim wasn't a good liar, unless he fully believed what he was saying. And he wasn't planning six moves ahead for this exact moment, not that it was something he did in his regular day-to-day life, far from it, so someone who wasn't good at all with people like Maxim was would never have been able to make something convincing, especially at such short notice.


Maxim stuttered out the beginning of a sentence that didn't actually exist. He shouldn't have said anything, but what else was he going to do? Stand around thinking about what to say for even longer, in which he might just have told the truth anyway?

He was panicking. But before he could stutter out something else to make Brendan suspicious, he tried a redirection. It was a redirection to a conversation for which Maxim already feasibly knew the outcome, but what else could he do?

"I think...I think I want to know what you meant yesterday. When you said two people were dead because of you."
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