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Bart wearily carried himself over to the others, not wanting to risk making Jerry any madder than he already was. The last day or so had taught him to be very aware of his new ally's volatile temper, and Jerry's kill count gave him a very good reason to avoid provoking him. Despite their claims back at the warehouse, this new alliance did very little to assure Bart that he was safer with them. Actually, it just made him miss his old group even more. At least when they got into an argument, it could be cooled down pretty quickly and without fear of a physical fight breaking out.

Now that he was over here, Bart had two new nicknames: Meat Shield and Moral Support. It wasn't hard to see why they would think of him, considering that he was the weakest, slowest, and most poorly armed of the three. He just wished that they wouldn't admit out loud that he was borderline useless to them. He also wished that he had the courage to admit this to their faces, but that probably wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

Instead, he just meekly followed along with their conversation. "Uh... yeah. That sounds okay, I guess..."
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