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Alright, Jerry was starting to sound less like "valued meathead" and more like "uppity fuckstick." Matt didn't like that. Not one bit. Hey, maybe Jerry would forget that this gun was empty and feel threatened by it? No, too brazen. Not even Jerry's that big of a fucking idiot. Coughing, Matt spoke up.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" He smiled. "You're the brawn, Jerry, and I'm the brains. Bart's, uh.. the heart. Yeah. The heart. Moral support." He coughed again. Fuck, it smelled in here. "We're all in this together, buddy, so let's start talking about what we're gonna do when we're the last three fuckers left on this shitty rock when it happens. Alright?" That 'we're all in this together' didn't seem at all sincere. Someone could shoot his valued ratfuck meathead and Matt figured he wouldn't feel a thing. Gratitude, maybe, that Jerry was catching bullets that otherwise could've hit him.

"Okay. Yeah. Bart? What'd you think? Moral support sound good to you?"
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You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry! · The Gym