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[[Johnny McKay continued from Another Disappointment of Many]]

It was a subdued entrance.

There would be no other way to do it either way. Ben Lichter had taken a peek through a window into the burnt library. By the sound of the voices replying to him, Johnny recognized Penelope.

Still, he kept his distance. Something caused Johnny to hesitate, and it was something he couldn't quite place his finger on. That moment of hesitation did not last as long as Johnny had feared. He caught up with Ben. Slowly, his walk more akin to a shuffle than what a normal human would call 'going somewhere'.

Johnny have Ben a nod when he reached the guy. Then, he shifted over to the window Ben used just a moment before. Johnny could see Penelope. Johnny could see Raina.

It was less of a triumph than he had hoped for.

"Guess I'm here too."
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