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Vanessa went off on a rant which seemed to have no end. Kimiko knew the better thing would have been to stop and think about what she was doing. If she lost her composure she could have been caught off-guard by something she hadn't noticed but sometimes it was easier to think about how you shouldn't be doing something than being able to stop yourself from doing it. That was the problem Kimiko was having. Vanessa wasn't the primary cause of her anger; she was just the conduit for it.

Anger had been steadily building up in Kimiko ever since the group on the cliff had rejected her presence. It was compounded by all the other events that had happened over her time, Clarice's rejection, the fight with Isabel and the conversation with Nancy. Everything had been building inside waiting for a moment to be released. That moment seemed to have arrived and even though Kimiko knew that she shouldn't have she moved off branches of the tree and stepped closer to Vanessa.

Her hands moved fast, still shaking as she tried to contain the fury she was feeling. She hadn't felt a surge of anger like the one she was experiencing since that last conversation with Bradley.

"Would you prefer I just killed everyone I met? So, I can be the monster you want me to be?"
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