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Penelope glanced over at the sound of a voice, her eyes narrowed.

She looked the boy over, not recognizing him beyond an extremely basic familiarity. A face she had seen in the hallways, once or twice. Not somebody she actually knew.

Thoughts about recruiting him to their cause raced inside her head, but she quieted them. There was no point to it, not anymore.

No reason to not trust the boy, however. He had been polite enough to ask to come in, no reason a ruthless killer would want to do that.

"Do what you want." She said, her gaze turning away from the boy and back towards the burnt book. "We can't stop you anyway."

She stared at the book, her thoughts drifting back to her time at Cochise, which already felt like a distant memory. Something that she could never come back to, no matter how badly she wanted it.

Words quietly poured out of her mouth again, addressed to nobody in particular.

"Sam, he..." She stopped, her mind struggling to come up with ways to properly describe someone who was no more. "He... meant a lot to me. Whenever I was feeling down he was always there for me and... and he always helped me feel better where nobody else in the whole world could manage."

Her grip on the book weakened, and she watched it fall into the ashes below. Ash stirred and stained her clothes even further, as her eyes focused on a few particles, watching them loftily drift back to the ground.

She sniffled, tears already beginning to flow. "I loved him and he's... he's j-just gone... I n-never got to say goodbye..."
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