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"...what he did to Bern?"

Fiyori echoed softly. She stared at Coleen. The thing with Brendan and Bernadette was a tragedy. Yet, ultimately an accident. She hadn't asked for details. It would've been unwise to bother Brendan, when Fiyori could think for herself how it went down.

He slipped. He fell unto her, and then her illness flared up. It was unfortunate. It was unbelievable. However, she read an article or something a while back. About something similar. About people who died just because they fell ever so slightly. Because that was how life was. Because sometimes accidents happen. Because Brendan would not simply 'shove' his friend. It was a tragic incident, but there was simply nothing Brendan could've done.

And yet, the words Coleen chose, the tone she picked...

"As far as I know... I mean, it was an accident. You can't fault someone for that."
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