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Fiyori regretted her words. The lack of tension in the room led her to say more than was perhaps necessary. Still, words said couldn't be taken back. She noticed the slight shift in Coleen's disposition. Well, with what was said it was probably in Coleen's right to be a bit jumpy. Coleen killed her 'ally'. Perhaps, and that was pure speculation, that 'ally' was actually someone who betrayed her trust in a critical moment.

No, she couldn't allow herself to get distracted by thoughts like these. Coleen was still friendly. All Fiyori had to do was be more careful.

"Oh, thank you but I think these bandages are still good." She smiled at Coleen. It was a bit of a forced smile, even though Fiyori did so involuntarily. "As for the gun I mentioned, that belonged to Alba Reyes. She, I and Brendan Harte had been together for a day until we lost each other."
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