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"But you don't have the gun anymore?" Coleen asked, maybe just a tad bit more suspicious than she wanted.

"Sorry, just that you had it and now you don't. Did somebody take it from you?" she asked. "I guess I'm asking because I want to know who I should be looking out for. But I guess I know who isn't making that list anymore," she said to herself, eyeing the sickle on the belt again before bringing her eyes up to Fiyori's face.

It might have been her old paranoia flaring up again, but it almost felt like Fiyori had a hard time keeping eye contact. Before this week, before the events down the hall at the storage closet, maybe it would have made Coleen feel a bit self conscious. Now, the hair wasn't coming back in front of her face, though a small part of herself greatly desired to have it do so again. It was mercifully, again, a small part.

"Your face looks all cut up," Coleen said after a moment. "Sorry, I mean, if that seems rude. I should be the last person to talk about how their face looks." She let herself laugh at that one. "But at least you took care of them. If you need to go ahead and change the bandages, here's a good place."
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