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"Oh yes! Was passing by Isabel yesterday. Saw her and kinda got a bit pissed. Oh well, oh well, now the bitch is dead."

Fiyori had to reign herself in by that point. Her tone was too cheerful. Killing Isabel was a good decision, but perhaps it wasn't due to sound so pleased about it. Wouldn't want Coleen to get the wrong impression. The wound on her cheek was itching. Fiyori barely managed to stop herself from scratching.

Then, she looked for a chair. She got the hint. Understandable, she guessed. As good-natured their conversation was, a healthy distance both physical and emotional was probably the best for the two. They were just acquaintances. As bad as Fiyori could be with boundaries, some things just had to be respected.

What with the spear resting in Coleen's lap and all.

The chair Fiyori chose dragged across the floor. She turned it, so that when she sat down she could face Coleen.

"The wall's my doing as well." Fiyori paused for a moment. Then she remembered this little sentence would raise some questions. "Before you ask, I didn't shoot anyone. Just got the chance to train with a gun. Wasn't mine though." She shrugged. Keeping up the good atmosphere.
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