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Coleen noted Fiyori. She noticed the sickle, and the fact that Fiyori was kind enough to point it out. Lock picks didn't seem like they'd have much use; Coleen couldn't remember coming across any locked door that she found herself wanting to open. She offered a slight, yet still kind smile, and pulled her bag open to start stuffing the AK-47 inside even if Fiyori said she could keep it out. If things got sticky, the spear should have been more than enough to handle it.

"It's not a problem," Coleen said, haphazardly closing the bag and pulling it to the bit of floor in front of her, also reaching for the spear so that could be tucked onto her lap in the gun's stead. "Plenty of chairs. I can't recommend the couch, since it's covered in somebody's blood," she said with the best grin she could manage.

She wanted to add 'and because it's just a little bit too close to me', but there was no reason not to keep the atmosphere friendly.

"Saw you looking at the wall," Coleen said, trying to drum up some conversation. "I don't know how it got there either, but it was before all hell broke loose over there. If the sickle was... that means you were over there, right? I don't remember all the names I've heard."
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