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Brendan wasn't sure how he was supposed to feel about the victims and killers as they were read off in the announcement. He felt a sense of sadness as Nadia had ended her life and that he wouldn't be able to see her again. What would she had thought if he had found her before she died? What would he had said to her? Nothing. There was nothing he could have said to her. She was gone. It was that simple.

Isabel had killed another person named Lucilly and it only made him feel more bitter than hatred for her. He thought that no one was going to stop her at all until he heard the next thing that shook him to his core. Alba had killed a girl. Kaitlyn Greene. The girl who had murdered Candice's friend, Mia. It sounded like Kaitlyn might have played a game with Alba and Alba came out on top. He wouldn't get his head around the idea of Alba killing someone. He couldn't judge her. He had no right to as he had killed two people himself. He had to make sure to find Alba and talk to her about it. He had to be there for her, comfort her, support her. Be the better person he wanted to be for her.

The next thing for him to hear shocked him a lot more. After Isabel had killed more; she had been ganged up on and taken out by Fiyori, Dorothy and a girl named Scout. Fiyori and Dorothy, Fiyori and Dorothy, Fiyori and Dorothy.... Their names were spinning around and around in his head. How could Dorothy...? He never thought that she could have done something like that. He knew that he should be proud of Fiyori for taking out that psycho but he was afraid for her and Dorothy. Scared that anyone would go after them. Also about Scout.... She had taken out two players.... Alvaro and Isabel. He wondered if she could come after him. If so he had to be more careful if he wanted to survive for as long as he could.

Maxim was saying something to him and all he could do was still look ahead of him. He couldn't face Maxim. He was wondering how Maxim would feel about Fiyori and Alba now. Maxim hadn't killed anyone and Brendan felt a bit envious about Maxim's somewhat innocence away from being a killer. He couldn't tell him about it. It would make him seem like a jerk if he did.

"Fiyori, Alba, Dorothy.... I can't judge them for their actions. I think I am glad that no one has to deal with Isabel anymore. About Alba...." He paused as he thought about her and he was trying so hard not to get emotional about her. "....I have to find her.... Maxim, honestly, tell me what you think will happen to everyone. I am more and more convinced that no one will be able to come and rescue us from this."
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