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When the door cracked open and Fiyori asked to enter, Coleen pulled her feet up the rest of the way on the couch. Even with her sneakers on, her feet managed to feel cold. She was cold all over, hungry, a little thirsty, and her face hurt from having forgotten to apply moisturizer to it over the last day or so... if she even had any of it left in her bag, that was. All around, she had become quite miserable, while trying not to let it affect how she interacted with people. There had been plenty of time to refuel the social interactions 'gas tank', so it was time to tuck her innermost thoughts and feelings away in order to deal with others.

It was nice while it lasted.

"Sure, but leave guns put away if you've got them," Coleen said after a moment's pause. "Sorry, but I got this far by being careful. I need to keep being careful, or everything that's happened so far just becomes a waste." She wanted to mention Arthur specifically, but it just didn't seem right when she was partially responsible for him no longer being alive. She supposed it might have be punishment enough simply to no longer have somebody who she actually trusted around in order to watch over her while she did things previously taken for granted, such as napping or... hell, not having to look around her on full-alert every waking moment of her life. He could help do that for her.

Nobody left she could trust. They were either dead or not here, and she prayed that as many of them as possible were in that latter category. Fiyori fit into none of them. "Since you're probably curious, yes, I'm armed." She afforded the quickest of glances to the AK-47 in her arms while the spear laid on the couch beside her. Mild understatement, that. "But I can put the gun away. Trust, and all that."

Trust she didn't really have, but if Fiyori was taken off edge, it would take Coleen off edge. Maybe they'd get through today without anybody being brutally murdered.
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