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Ben crept close to one of the broken windows. He crouched low to avoid anybody inside spotting him. The broken glass on the ground made him very glad he had shoes. Slowly he straightened, and peeked through a hole in the soot-covered glass.

Then he saw them - two girls. They didn't seem to notice him, so he started to look for what he came for. It wasn't easy among all that ash, and he strained to remember what it looked like.

He didn't see it. He would have to get closer. Should he risk being seen by the girls? He looked at what they were doing, and it seemed like they were collecting half-burnt books. Why? What was worth saving about them?

Ben didn't know, but it didn't seem like they were dangerous. And if they were, he could always run. And throw his boot. And if they weren't, maybe they would give him some food.

So he called out through the window: "Hey, uh, hi. " Despite his confidence, there was still some nervousness in his voice. "C-- can I come in?"
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