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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from St. Elsewhere]]

Fiyori Senay was a murderer.

There was no way around that truth. It didn't matter whether she acted alone or not. Her actions have led directly to the death of Isabel Ramirez. Fiyori had expected to feel different about it. Not that she would have any regret, or feel some sort of sadness. Isabel Ramirez was a cunt, as simple as that, a cunt that killed Fiyori's friends - and for Danny's death in particular Fiyori swore revenge and succeeded in doing so. However, there was no triumphant swelling in Fiyori's breast either. Yet she also couldn't say that she felt empty or any of that.

No, Fiyori knew what empty felt like. And she didn't feel empty at all. A different sentiment had been born, a new kind of emotion, with which Fiyori could start very little. Her body at least had no idea how to express it, and frankly Fiyori had trouble pondering it's philosophical ramifications.

Her eyes rested on the door to the lounge. The smudge of blood was still present on the edge, but it was barely noticeable. In fact, she held her left eye closed most of the time, so she really didn't use that glass. Isabel's slash - thankfully - didn't hit the eyeball, but the eyelid was cut. She noticed when it began stinging that morning.

Then her hand rested on the handle, and she pulled it down. She waited for a moment. She wouldn't open the door just yet.

"Here's Fiyori Senay. I don't want trouble and I come in peace."
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