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Well then. Fiyori guessed that was a good thing. As good as things could be. The island did weird things to people. Fiyori spent too much time with someone she was supposed to fight. So did Lily. A pair of odd cases, but still a familiar story. Fiyori thought about calling Lily out on it as she left. Say something about how they weren't so different, whether that was true or not. Yet Fiyori wasn't sure how to word it. Her lips stayed shut, and only her eyes followed Lily.

It was then she realized, that this meeting might've been the last time they'd see each other. See each other alive, at least. The thought left a bitter taste in Fiyori's mouth, but even she wasn't sure if she should ultimately feel good or bad about it.

"Hm..." Fiyori finished the treatment of her wound. Patches of bandage were covering parts of her face. She looked at Scout, looked at her wound. Looked like shit still, but Fiyori guessed it wouldn't kill her. Not directly, or at least not on the spot they were standing.

Fiyori felt the sickle shifting it's position at her belt.

"Alright, I'm gonna take half of this." Fiyori pointed at the supplies left behind by Lily. "Seems fair to me."

"...good luck."

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Birth Of A Wish]]
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