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“Wait, you’ve been with Jasmine?”

Shit, that was a surprise. A pleasant one, as well. He knew that it should have been a given - Jasmine was Caedyn’s bitch, of course they’d cling to each other wherever they went - but it was still a surprise. A fact that had correlated in his mind back then but not now. Something he knew he’d thought of before but not in a way that had mattered now. Regardless, it was still good. Meant that finding Jasmine would be pretty easy now. Meant that - once he’d sorted out his feelings with her, for what she’d done - he could probably find where Josh was. Go to his corpse. Give his last words. He hadn’t really prepared them, but he figured he could get them out pretty easily.

And then he’d have three out of seven, right there. After five or six or seven or however many days of fruitlessness, he finally had something.

Shit, things were finally looking up for him.



Caedyn was still in front of him.

And given that she’d killed, and given who she was, there stood a chance of her maybe trying to make sure he didn’t get out of here. He knew he had his gun, he knew that he could shoot her if he needed to, but he didn’t really want to. He’d told Ben that he’d try to do as he’d requested. He knew that just killing people randomly was not the way to get people to like him, here.

And there was something in his head. Little guy on his shoulder. Telling him that maybe, just maybe, he still held a little bit of sentimentality for the goth girl in the year below.

...It’d be simple, really. All he needed to do was kiss her ass. Feed her ego. Maybe give her a bit more of what the story actually was.

And he knew the perfect thing to say in that regard.

“Sorry if I’m, like, acting hasty or acting weird or anything, it’s just that she’s actually one of the people I’ve been looking for.”

A quick pause.

“You were one of them, too.”
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