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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Okay, seriously, can we STOP puking!?" Jerry growled. "Thanks," he uttered under his breath while taking the bottle of water that Matt had offered to him. He loosened the cap and did away with it by shoving it into his pocket, figuring that he'd likely take the bottle in its entirety in a few chugs or so. "Let's just back the fuck up, baaaaaack the fuck up," Jerry said in almost a chant, ushering the group away from the entrance to the gym. Just as well he did that, because there was another body in the doorway that he hadn't paid much of a close mind to, and she likely wasn't smelling like a rose garden either.

"Well, soooooooorry that I couldn't manage to find us a weapons cache up Bradley's asshole," Jerry griped. "It only makes sense that nobody's gonna have anything good on them, because whoever's killing them keeps taking it! So here we are with a pipe and a knife and a meat shield named Bart," Jerry said while throwing his head at Barty McPukeGut's way. "We need to start thinking about how far we're going to get. You get that, don't you? Between the three of us here, who's actually, literally KILLED people in order to get what we all want?"

Jerry straightened up, finishing another swig of water. "Thanks for the fucking drink by the way. Keeping me alive is in your interest, because I'M the dude with the knife. I'M the dude with the pipe. I'm the guy that kicked Trav's ass, whose got the experience and the know-how to take on anybody left alive here!"
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