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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Nothing, really.

Oh, not much.

Not anything, I guess.

Nothing interesting.

It was like a response to one of her texts back when they were dating. There was never really anything going on with him. Nothing was bothering him. He wasn't up to anything. Maybe her memory was exaggerating things, but it seemed like every time she'd tried to honestly engage with him, he'd clammed up like this despite the fact that there was clearly something going on.

So when she asked him now, it came with a certain venom and no belief that he'd actually be honest with her. As vague as he was being, Jeremy was talking about some sort of specific incident with his parents. The way he talked made that much obvious. But he didn't want to share that with her despite the fact that now he was expecting her to chatter on about her days on the island. Had he not been paying attention to the announcements? He knew she'd like, killed a girl, yeah? He was being pretty casual about the whole thing.

Well fine. She could pretend like there was nothing wrong too. "Okay I guess. Just spending lots of time with Jazzy."
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