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((Emma Luz continued from … Lose a Hand))

She’d… made a mistake yesterday.

Emma knew that being alone like this wasn’t the best idea. And yet, she had to run away from Jaime. Even if she was acting disturbingly bold towards the idea of murder, it still didn’t change the fact that Emma was now vulnerable. Likely, Jaime was too. Just like that, what was left of the group had dissipated. Some part of her wanted to go back, see if she was still there. But how? Maybe Jaime moved on.

She’d found her way in here. The smell in the B blocks reminded her of Mabes, but the dorms were otherwise a good place to rest. Her body needed it. Luckily, the A blocks weren’t so bad on the smell issue. And she even found something that was somewhat of a boon.

Fresh clothes. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, Emma remembered something. Hygiene was one of the best things you could do for yourself in a survival situation. Parasites, bacteria, and viruses could kill you in a worse way than any murderer. She’d remember this a few times when she felt her clothes itch as the days went on. So, it was fortunate that she found some clothes in one of the rooms. Nothing fancy, but she did take the dark blue tank top and jean combo.

Emma had spent the night here in one of the rooms, racked with doubt. Sometimes, she fell asleep, only to wake up back in bed. She’d always wonder about the same things. Was she right in leaving Jaime? Would it have been better if she’d led? Were Jaime, Lucilly, and Amanda okay? Could she have done something to save Sabrina? Or Tina? Or Lizzie? Or countless, countless people now, who have died? Would Isabel kill more? Was she going to make it out okay?

It didn’t help that she’d had another episode last night. When she woke up, expecting another fit of worrying, she instead saw shadow people standing in the doorway. Then, the monster, the one she’d imagined at the pub, had faded into existence once more. It stood at the foot of the bed, staring at her with those yellow moon eyes. Emma saw that it looked like a dog, or maybe a wolf. A coyote? Maybe. She’d stared at it, and it stared back. Emma didn’t want to look at it, but she couldn’t move. Then, the people faded away. The coyote followed shortly after.

Despite everything, Emma fell back asleep, and awoke to the announcements. That’s when she got the news.

Isabel was dead. Apparently, a group of people had found her and… did what they could. But it meant several other people had to die. One of them was Lucilly. Lucilly, the girl who she had traveled with for a while. Even dead, Isabel still found ways to rip people from her life. She still had to add to the pile. Yet, Emma found a crawling sense of disgust at the relief she’d felt.

However, Amanda, of all people, had killed too. She was still trying to process that. Someone got disemboweled with a machete? Amanda shot who did it? She didn’t want to think about it. Could she trust Amanda if she ever saw her again, too?

For some time, she’d lay in bed, thinking. But, eventually she willed herself to get up, put on her glasses and shoes, take her medication, and start heading out. There had to be a way to get food and water, and even if her head was dizzy, she was going to figure out how.

As she picked up her bag, she realized that she heard noises. Distant, like talking in another room. She had to investigate, even if it was the worst thing she’d do.

Emma stepped out, looking around her. She looked one way, nothing there. The other… there was. It looked like a shape, or… oh no. It was a person, laying in the hallway. At first, Emma didn’t recognize who it was, or even if she was still alive. Emma saw that what looked like a bolt was sticking out of her back. Her heart started pounding when she realized who it was. Even with the odd helmet, the grime, and the distance, she still rang a bell. How could she not?

“Lily?” she shouted.

She didn’t think. Emma just ran forward. She was quite some feet away, but Emma had to. She had to do something. Anything. She needed to see whether she was alive, whether something could be done, or-

Emma hadn’t seen who was responsible. She didn't realize that he was just a few feet away, with his hands over his ears and his back to the wall. All she knew was that Lily was bleeding out, possibly dying.

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