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She heard the twang too late to do anything.

There was a brief, but incredibly intense, surge of pain. Then there was nothing at all.

But Lily wasn’t dead.

She was just suddenly lying on her face, feeling rather disconnected. What had happened? He’d shot her. Right? But she… she wasn’t feeling it, had she just somehow imagined that pain? Had he just whacked her with something? A lead-up blow to what might be a fight after all?

No. There was blood pooling. She could see it out of the corner of her eye, a blur of dark red. She had been hit. But at the same time, it felt disconnected. It didn’t feel like her blood, shouldn’t she be able to feel that much leaking out of her? She didn’t even feel damp.

Why couldn’t she feel it? If she just… if she just moved her arm, but her arm wasn’t moving. She couldn’t feel her arm, either. Or her legs. She could feel the concrete pressing into her face, and she could move her neck a tiny, tiny bit. Enough to stop herself suffocating on the dust-coated floor. The dust was making her nose itch. She couldn’t scratch it. Somehow, in this haze, that was the worst part.

“What’s… what’s… I… I can’t...”

Suddenly, she realised that she hadn’t been useless after all. No. Not until this very second. Not until that crossbow bolt lodged itself into her spine.

“...Oh no. Ohnonononono—Jae, you… you…” Her sight was blurry. She couldn’t find words. She could barely breathe, and she didn’t think that was because of the crossbow bolt. Her breath started coming out in wheezy, panicked breaths.
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