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((Bart Cappotelli continued from Let The Darkness Flow Through You))

"Come on..."

Bart softly whined as he struggled to get his leg untangled from the bushes. He tugged at his leg, trying to force it through the thin, grasping branches that had ensnared him. Each time he took a breath between pulls, he wound up taking in an awful stench, like rotting meat in an open dumpster. His stomach was quickly turning sour, but he tensed his jaw and tried his hardest to keep everything down. He didn't want to lose what little food was sitting in his stomach.

At around his fifth or sixth attempt to pull himself free, his leg slipped out of its natural snare and allowed him to rejoin Jerry and Matt. Unfortunately, this also brought him to the source of the smell that had plagued him, an old corpse on the ground. Even though he wasn't as close to it as Matt or Jerry, the sight alone made him even more nauseous. He had seen corpses before on the island, but none of them has smelled quite as bad as this one. That combined with the sound and visual of Jerry retching brought Bart's stomach to its breaking point.

"Uh... uh..." He moaned before heaving the contents of that day's breakfast into a sloppy, oozing pile at his feet. He put his hands on his knees and groaned with anguish as his throat burned from the acidic expulsion.

At this rate, he felt like his own body might do him in before anyone else got the chance.
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You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry! · The Gym