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“I don’t know. I… I just...”

Lily was as useless as could be. What chance did she stand? What could she do? The answer was nothing. She couldn’t kill Isabel. She couldn’t kill Lizzie, only put her in more pain. She couldn’t save Lizzie. She couldn’t—or wouldn’t—save Tina.

Couldn’t. Couldn’t. Couldn’t. She’d always been useless—a sick child who couldn’t be trusted to stay at school for a couple of weeks without catching something and ending up on sick leave—and the island only made it more obvious.

Irrelevant. A speck. A speck was beneath notice, but it couldn’t do anything either.

Lily didn’t say anything else. She just stared without really seeing, as some sort of melancholic panic curled inside her stomach.

Then she just turned and started to head further into the dormitories. Like somehow the answer to not being useless, to not being a speck, to being something that might be worth all she’d given up just to get this far, lay that way.
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